Exoprimal, a cooperative PvEvP shooter from CAPCOM, has been released

Exoprimal, a co-op PvEvP shooter from CAPCOM, is out on PlayStation 4/5, Windows PC and Xbox One / Series X|S. This is another attempt by the publisher to gain a foothold in the game-service market.

In Exoprimal, players must face hordes of dinosaurs attacking Earth from temporal portals. There is abreathtaking plot and various exosuits with their own abilities. In Dino Survival’s main game mode, two teams of five players will compete in various PvE and PvP missions.

Players are already criticizing Exoprimal for having loot boxes, the Seasons Pass, and a lot of paid DLC right at launch. And this despite the fact that the cost of the basic version of the game in Steam is UAH 1,999. By the way, the cost of all starter DLC is a little more – UAH 2,102. But Exoprimal is also in Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, so you can try this game for free if you have a subscription.