The games of the Final Fantasy series sold more than 180 million copies

The total circulation of all games in the Final Fantasy series reached 180 million copies. This became known from Square Enix’s official announcement regarding cooperation with troupe of Japanese musical theater. The site Noisy Pixel drew attention to the number.

The main Final Fantasy series includes 16 numbered games, the first of which was released in 1987, the last, Final Fantasy XVI, in 2023, just a few weeks ago. Most likely, Square Enix’s announcement is about the main series. Because in addition to it, the Final Fantasy franchise includes dozens of other related games, separate subseries, compilations, etc.

The figure of 180 million looks impressive, but it allows Final Fantasy to claim only 12th place on the list of the most popular game franchises. Final Fantasy is inferior even to Assassin’s Creed series (200 million) and FIFA (325 million). And the first place is unattainable, it is occupied by the Mario series with a total circulation of 826 million copies.