The following models of well-known car brands according to Midjourney

Designers and artists continue to master AI and sometimes create quite interesting things with its help. For example, Reddit user Grafix-thecreator posted an AI-generated gallery of defunct models of famous car brands.

Some look very interesting to me. For example, Tesla Aero, Nissan GT-X or Lamborghini Nemesis. Others, such as Volkswagen Horizon, Audi RS-X and Bugatti Inferno, are the development of ideas embedded in already existing models of the mentioned brands.

Of course, a modern car is about a lot more than just an interesting body design, so the Midjourney is no substitute for professional car designers…yet. But as a source of inspiration, a provider of sketches and variants of one model AI can be used even in car design.

By the way, we advise you to join the community r/midjourney, sometimes they have really interesting examples of using AI.