SpaceX broke the record for reusing boosters. Booster B1058 completed its 16th mission

SpaceX continues to set records for booster reuse. Booster B1058, which has NASA’s classic “worm” on its side and was first used during the Crew Dragon Demo-2 manned mission in May 2020, completed its 16th mission.

The previous record belongs to the same booster and was set in December 2022, similar to B1058 SpaceX is testing the limit of endurance of the first stages of Falcon 9 launch vehicles.

During the record-breaking mission B1058 put another batch of Starlink satellites into orbit – 22 Starlink vehicles Group 6-5.

Even after the previous mission, B1058 returned almost entirely black with soot. What it looks now is difficult to say, because the record mission took place at night.