Twitter will make TweetDeck available only to paid subscribers

Popular application TweetDeck, owned by Twitter since 2011 and often used by users to manage multiple accounts at the same time records, has been significantly upgraded and will be paid in 30 days. Only verified users who have already subscribed to Twitter Blue will be able to use TweetDeck.

According to Twitter staff, all TweetDeck users will be forced to upgrade to the new version, which has been in beta status for the past two years, writes The Verge. The old app almost completely stopped working in recent days after Twitter removed some outdated APIs that the company believed could be used by third parties to collect data on the social network.

The process of transferring users to the new version has already started. However, the updated TweetDeck does not yet have the same tools for managing multiple accounts as the previous version. This makes life quite difficult for many professional users, as previously they could see feeds, mentions and messages from more than 10 accounts at once. The new TweetDeck so far only offers the ability to switch between different accounts, just as it is implemented on Twitter itself.

This approach calls into question the feasibility of paying for verification through Twitter Blue in order to have access to the new version of TweetDeck. This once again indicates the chaotic manner in which the company’s new management continues to manage the social network, completely ignoring the needs of users.