The appearance of the Nothing Phone (2) will remain familiar, but will receive several improvements

As happened last year with the first model of the smartphone from Carl Pei’s new company Nothing, the design of its follower — Phone (2) — was allowed to be shown to blogger Marques Brownlee (MKBHD). The device itself has remained practically the same, but at least the backlight has several improvements.

So, as Mr. Brownlee tells, the Nothing Phone (2) is still transparent, with minimal updates to the shape and colors. At the same time, the device completely retains the already familiar design, which is difficult to confuse with smartphones from other manufacturers.

Among the details, the lighting will noticeably change. The main feature of Nothing smartphones are several LED strips on the back of the case, which this time are “torn” in several places and increase the number of illumination zones from 12 to 33. At the same time, one of the strips in the center accounts for almost half of the illumination zones – 16, which will allow more accurate display of information.

For example, such a strip will be able to show the set volume level, accompany the animation of a timer or the approach of a taxi, like Live Activities in iOS (if the application will support the function). Such an opportunity will be provided to third-party developers, which already include Uber and Zomato (a food delivery service).

Previous “tricks” like tracking the battery level, of course, remain in place.

Along with this, Essential Notification will be added — a separate notification from the selected application, in which the line in the upper right corner of the “back” will light up until the user opens the application. In this way, it will be possible to find out how urgently you need to react to a new notification.

Also, the smartphone will allow you to create your own versions of ringtones, which will be accompanied by appropriate lighting. They can consist of branded sounds that are immediately programmed for individual lighting zones.

So far, this is all that the company has allowed to be made public among the updates of the next Nothing Phone (2), the presentation of which is due on July 11.