Karpatia: Order Of The Comet – a Ukrainian game that takes place in Palanok Castle

The page of the Ukrainian game Karpatia: Order Of The Comet from the developer Dmytro Danylov (no, we are not related). This game takes place in Mukachevo Castle Palanok, which was reproduced using photogrammetry technology and Unreal Engine.

Karpatia: Order Of The Comet is a first-person narrative mystical adventure with a focus on exploration and mystery investigation. The hero of the game must find an ancient book and stop a dangerous organization called the Order of the Comet, which is preparing a world catastrophe.

The author promises interesting and varied puzzles and riddles, as well as the possibility of making choices that will affect the further course of the adventure, leading to branching paths and unexpected consequences.

So far, Karpatia: Order Of The Comet is scheduled for release in 2024. The game already has a trailer (below) and a Steam page, so add it to your Wish List.

We need more games set in Ukraine, so kudos to the author.