Digitization of the Ukrainian army: the Ministry of Defense is looking for IT specialists and lawyers

The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine is looking for IT specialists for the digital development of the army. This was stated by the founder of the Come Back Alive foundation, Deputy Minister of Defense Vitalii Deinega in an interview with “Left Bank”, writes AIN.UA.

Among his next goals after assisting in the counteroffensive are the IT coalition and the acquisition of equipment from various countries in order to digitize the army.

“We have people working on their laptops in the military right now, in what way can we work on a security policy?” Vitalii Deinega emphasized. “We need data centers, we need clouds, we need digital tools.”

According to him, IT specialists, programmers, lawyers, and business analysts are needed for the digitalization of the army of the Ministry of Defense. Anyone who wants to join such cooperation should write to the following address: hr@mil.gov.ua.

“The place we are in is a place where an IT person who wants to join the victory via keyboard can do so. Even if they serve in the Armed Forces of Ukraine. We are one of the few units that can transfer people from the military. I appreciate the Ukrainians who were in combat even more, because they themselves appreciated the depth of non-digitalization of our army,” added Vitalii Deinega.

It was previously reported that Pentagon is going to buy Elon Musk’s SpaceX‘s Starlink satellite communications terminals and services for use by the Ukrainian military. The terminals are likely to be purchased as part of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative.