Valve urges developers of games that use AI not to infringe copyright

The American company Valve will not prevent the use of artificial intelligence on the Steam platform, but seeks to respect copyright in matters related to the development of video games. This is reported by The Verge.

“… instead, we’re working through how to integrate it into our already-existing review policies,” said Valve PR representative Kaci Boyle, commenting on Steam’s use of AI.

According to her, the company’s current review process takes into account current copyright legislation.

“while developers can use these AI technologies in their work… they can not infringe on existing copyrights,” emphasized Kaci Boyle.

Valve added that Steam will refund app submission credits to all developers whose games were rejected due to AI copyright issues as the company improves its vetting process.

We remind you that recently a Reddit user named potterharry97 announced that Steam will no longer publish games with content created by artificial intelligence. Soon, another developer confirmed similar information.

As you know, the emergence of artificial intelligence has added a new reason for discussions about copyright. Many people, artists in particular, are upset that AI is learning from their creations and producing images or, for example, music, without having the right to do so. There is also concern that AI will be able to replace humans, causing them to become unemployed.