Apple may have an interesting display update in its plans

Apple currently offers two monitor options: the 32-inch Pro Display XDR with 6K resolution, and the 27-inch Studio Display with 5K. The latter has a built-in A13 chip that helps Center Stage functions, spatial audio reproduction and Siri voice assistant. 

According to the information of Mark Gurman from Bloomberg, Apple plans may include an updated monitor with even greater capabilities and a custom processor. This can be a 27-inch, for example, a continuation of the Apple Pro Display XDR, which this time will have a mini-LED backlight and a built-in Siri assistant.

More interestingly, this is also a built-in analogue of the StandBy function from the announced iOS 17 operating system. It allows the iPhone to act as a “smart” display while charging, showing the time, individual widgets and controlling home “smart” devices. This mode also adapts the image at night by changing the main color to red.

That way, the display can still be more useful even without a computer connection.

Here it is also worth noting an interesting feature: the appearance of such opportunities was first mentioned at the end of last year specifically for the iPad. But there was no mention of StandBy in iPadOS 17 at the WWDC 2023 presentation. Thus, if Mr. Gurman’s information is correct and the new display will soon see the light of day, then Apple’s displays will overtake the iPad with StandBy support.