Lithuania acquired NASAMS air defense missile launchers for Ukraine

Lithuania is buying two NASAMS air defense systems for Ukraine for €9.8 million ($10.7 million) and will deliver them within three months, notified the Ministry of Defense of the country, wrote Reuters.

“In response to Ukraine’s urgent request for assistance in strengthening air defence, we are purchasing two NASAMS medium-range air defence missile launchers for the Ukrainian army. We will also arrange the delivery, which is expected to take place within next three months,” the message says.

“We are purchasing updated NASAMS rocket launcher systems, which are fully prepared for Ukraine army to integrate into their fire control units, so it supplements and expands the already used NASAMS donated by Norway and the U.S,” said Lithuanian Defense Minister Arvydas Anušauskas.

It is aimed at increasing the total volley of air defense when intercepting massive attacks by russian terrorists.

The need to provide Ukraine with NASAMS systems has been discussed since the first months of the full-scale intrusion. The first such air defense systems from Norway and the USA were received by the Armed Forces of Ukraine in November 2022 and took part in countering massive attacks aimed at the energy system of Ukraine. After that the USA ordered additional systems for Ukraine (with deliveries until 2025) and Canada followed suit. Now Lithuania has joined them.

Thank you, Lithuania!

Tactical and technical specifications of the NASAMS air defense system
Range – from 2.5 to 40 km
Target height – from 30 m to 21 km
Response time – 10 s
Deployment/stowage time – 15/3 min
Target speed – up to 1000 m/s
Missile weight – 152 kg
Warhead – 22.7 kg
Length – 3.7 m
Diameter – 18 cm
Speed ​​– 1361 m/s
Overload – 40 g