Google is working on a new game service YouTube Playables

It looks like Google wants to create another streaming game service, this time based on the YouTube platform.

It is reported that the new service will be called YouTube Playables. This is Google’s new attempt to succeed in the gaming space, after the Stadia platform completely ceased operations earlier this year.

YouTube Playables will allow users to stream games to mobile devices and PCs, similar to Xbox Cloud Gaming and NVIDIA GeForce Now. And if the company reuses much of the code written for Stadia, it’s possible that the service will also work through the Chrome browser or Chromecast devices.

It is not yet clear which games will be available in the YouTube Playables service. The name hints at small projects rather than full-fledged titles that were available in Stadia. Maybe it’ll be like Activities on Discord – small online games you can play with friends.

The Playables business model is also unknown at this time. Perhaps it will become part of YouTube Premium as one of the subscription bonuses.