China’s Baidu claims that its own AI is better than ChatGPT in some parameters

Chinese search giant Baidu claims that the latest version of its own ChatGPT-style service outperforms the popular OpenAI chatbot in some key metrics. This was reported by Reuters.

Baidu said in a statement that Ernie 3.5, the latest version of Ernie AI, outperformed “ChatGPT in comprehensive ability scores” and outperformed “GPT-4 in several Chinese capabilities”.

The Beijing-based company cited a test that state-run newspaper China Science Daily conducted using datasets that included the AGIEval and C-Eval tests used to evaluate the performance of artificial intelligence models.

OpenAI has yet to comment on this statement.

Baidu’s announcement comes amid global interest in artificial intelligence that has spread to China, prompting a number of Chinese companies to announce competing products.

Baidu was the first major Chinese tech company to introduce its own AI to compete with ChatGPT. In March 2023, Baidu announced the language algorithm Ernie Bot. built on Baidu’s older Ernie 3.0 AI model. For the past three months, Ernie Bot has been tested by invitation only.

Baidu claims the new model has better learning and inference performance, making it faster and cheaper to create new iterations of it in the future. Baidu also says the new model will support external “plugins” that will allow the AI to work on more specific scenarios, such as summarizing long text and generating more accurate answers.

ChatGPT rolled out plugin support in March 2023.