SYPAQ PPDS – cardboard UAVs in the service of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Ukrainian military converted an ultra-cheap cardboard (no, this is not a joke) SYPAQ PPDS UAV into a kamikaze drone, writes Militarnyi, referring to photos published in the russian media.

SYPAQ Corvo PPDS (Precision Payload Delivery System) ultra-cheap disposable transport UAVs are produced by the Australian company Sypaq Corvo. They are actually made of cardboard. At the same time, such a simple UAV can deliver 3-5 kg (depending on the model) of medicine, ammunition, food, etc. to soldiers at a distance of 40-120 km, depending on the load. The endurance of a “toy” airplane is 1-3 hours. The cost of one drone according to various sources is from $670 to $3530.

Ukraine received SYPAQ PPDS drones in March 2023, with hundreds of such UAVs per month. Not even three months have passed since the Ukrainian military converted transport drones into attack drones.

According to Militarnyi information, MON-50 directional fragmentation anti-personnel mine was placed in the drone’s fuselage, while a VP-2a radio detonator was installed on the wing. It is unknown if the modified UAV has a camera or other targeting systems. The MON-50 landmine allows for hitting targets at a distance of up to 30 meters. The ammunition is equipped with 700 grams of explosives and has about 485-540 ready striking elements.