Ukrainian Games Festival 2023 will be held on Steam from August 18 to 24, 2023.

GTP Media, a company that organizes Indie Cup contests and plans to launch a Ukrainian Games hub for Ukrainian developers announced that this year’s Ukrainian Games Festival, like last year, will be held on Steam on Independence Day – from August 18 to 24, 2023.

Last year’s Ukrainian Games Festival on Steam became possible thanks to the initiative of the community of Ukrainian indie developers, the intervention of Mezha and the huge help of GTP Media, which took over all the organizational work and communication with Steam. Unfortunately, this wasn’t a Steam initiative and it didn’t have direct support from Valve. That is, the Festival was not advertised on the main page, like some regional Steam events, but was more like a publisher/curator sale, which was joined by other Ukrainian developers.

At Ukrainian Games Festival 2022 222 games were presented (!) not including DLC. Both from well-known large studios, such as GSC Game World, Frogwares, Game-Labs, and many interesting projects from small teams and individual developers.

GTP Media claims that this time the scale will be even bigger. Expected not only a big sale, but also an exhibition of demo versions, a marathon of streams and several surprises.

Organizers appeal to developers: if your game has a Steam page, but you have not received an invitation to the Ukrainian Games Festival, write to GTP Media.