Starship Simulator – a Star Trek ship simulator that unfortunately does not have a Star Trek license

Another interesting demo from Steam Next Fest 2023Starship Simulator. This is a Star Trek ship simulator that unfortunately does not have a Star Trek license.

The authors of Starship Simulator promise to create a 1:1 scale of the entire Galaxy with the ability to fly to any star or planet. At the maximum speed of the ship presented in the game, which is a non-canonical Star Trek Magellan class ship, it will take you about 2 weeks to cross the Galaxy. The ship has 7 decks and 200 rooms, and in the final version, any element will be interactive.

The player can take command of the entire ship, moving from station to station, or join a multiplayer team and choose one of 8 roles – captain, engineer, pilot, science officer, tactical officer, ship’s doctor, morale officer or passenger.

Although the developers of Starship Simulator do not have a Star Trek license, it is easy to see that the ship, its interiors, workstation interfaces, etc. are based on typical Star Trek ships from the Star Trek: The Next Generation era, but without using any distinctive elements that might lead to to a claim for copyright infringement. The developers never even use the word Star Trek.

Starship Simulator is powered by Unreal Engine 5 and will be released in Steam Early Access on Windows PC and VR in Q4 2023. Interestingly, the developer site, and this is a small British studio, it is written that this is a Free to Play project. Try the demo and add it to the Wish List.