Wednesday became the most popular show on Netflix, Stranger Things take the second place

Wednesday became the most popular show on Netflix thanks to the new system of calculations of the streaming service. This is reported by Gizmodo.

Netflix’s algorithm now takes into account the number of people watching a show. Until now, the popularity of TV series on the platform depended on how many hours viewers watch them.

Given these changes, Wednesday displaced the previous Netflix champion – the fourth season of the Stranger Things series now occupies the second place of the most popular shows of the service.

In general, the list of the 10 best series on streaming looks like this:

In addition to the algorithm change, Netflix increased the period for which it collects rating data from 28 days to 91 days. So it also affects the final results.

As for the top 10 movies on Netflix, their list currently looks like this:

We will remind, according to Nielsen, the world leader in the field of audience research, data and analytics, the Netflix blockbuster Stranger Things became the most popular TV show in the US in 2022. The sci-fi show climbed to the top, recording 52 billion minutes of viewing in 2022.