Kakhovka Reservoir no longer exists

As evidenced by new satellite images, the Kakhovka Reservoir no longer exists. The Dnipro returned to its old course, a desert with isolated lakes formed in the center of Ukraine. Comparison of pictures before and after the destruction of the Kakhovka HPP dam by the Russian invaders was posted by the account War Mapper.

Commentators are debating whether this situation will open up additional opportunities for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to force the already narrow Dnipro in a place unexpected by the enemy, but it seems that this territory will be impassable for heavy military equipment for a long time.

It is needless to say that it is a powerful blow to the ecology of the region and the water supply of the South of Ukraine. The consequences of the Russians’ destruction of the Kakhovka Reservoir can be compared to the use of nuclear weapons. The almost complete lack of reaction to this event by the UN and the countries of the world directly encourages Russia to use real nuclear weapons and other crimes against humanity.