Vimeo introduced new AI-powered video editing features

Video hosting and sharing platform Vimeo has announced a bundle of artificial intelligence tools. They will help users create scripts, record videos with a built-in teleprompter, and remove long pauses and unwanted sounds from recordings. This is reported by TechCrunch.

The functions will be available from July 17 within the Vimeo Standard tariff plan, the cost of which is $20 per month (if paid at once for a year).

The company explained that the new capabilities are aimed at entry-level video creators – such as executives, employees, and social media managers – who lack the skills, time, and resources to achieve the desired impact.

“Despite being the most effective way to communicate powerful messages, video production inherently creates a barrier to this preferred communication channel,” Alkarmi told TechCrunch via email. “Our latest AI-powered workflow reduces those barriers, giving any creator the confidence to actually create videos in one take.”

Vimeo’s script generator uses generative AI, including the OpenAI API, to create a video script based on a brief description and key inputs such as tone and duration.

Teleprompter offers a script display that can be customized with different font sizes and tempo. But the text video editor automatically detects and removes awkward pauses.

“Our goal is to help any business use video the same way that they use text or image as a powerful way to communicate to both internal and external audiences,” added Vimeo.

The company also expects artificial intelligence to remain its main focus in the future.

We will remind you that Vimeo has about 260 million users. In May, in its most recent financial report, it reported revenue of about $103.6 million.