The Ukrainian platformer We Are Eva was released on Steam

Ukrainian platformer/puzzle game We Are Eva from the studio Totally Normal Creature is released on Steam.

We are Eva is a rather hardcore 2D platformer about a very charismatic and very talkative demoness who knows how to travel between dimensions. Of course, her name is Eva. Eva regularly breaks the fourth wall, constantly addressing the player, sometimes mocking them and reminding them that they are playing a game and that she, Eva, made it possible. And she is also very narcissistic, sarcastic and insolent – a typical demoness.

We are Eva \’s main feature is the ability to travel between dimensions that intersect, have different configurations and properties. At the same time, it is possible, and even necessary, to switch between dimensions right during the jump. It is difficult, but interesting.

Until June 23, 2023 We Are Eva can be purchased with a 10% discount, but the price of the game for Ukraine is UAH 269, which seems a bit high to us.