The moderators are preparing an indefinite shutdown to get Reddit to comply with their demands

The moderators are calling for an “indefinite blackout” to force Reddit to comply with their demands, including lowering the cost of the API. This is reported by Gizmodo.

The corresponding message appeared shortly after an internal memo to employees from the platform’s CEO Steve Huffman was made public. In it, he indicated that the shutdown of subreddits in response to a change in the price policy of the platform will eventually pass. According to him, there has been a lot of hype surrounding the situation, but like all blowups on Reddit, this one will pass. In the document, he noted that the company should move forward and do what it said it would.

Afterward, moderators wrote on r/ModCoord that Reddit had moved “microscopically,” claiming the company had been “silent” since the outage began.

“300+ subs have already announced that they are in it for the long haul, prepared to remain private or otherwise inaccessible indefinitely until Reddit provides an adequate solution,” the moderators said.

According to them, r/aww, r/music, r/videos, and r/futurology are very popular among these subreddits, which have more than 110 million users in total.

At the same time, Reddit said that they do not plan any changes to the API updates that were announced earlier.

As you know, thousands of subreddits have gone private in protest of Reddit’s upcoming API pricing changes. They limit the number of API requests made by third-party clients. Sabredits claim that such changes will lead to an additional financial burden.

For example, for the Apollo application, it is about 20 million. This amount turned out to be too large, so on June 30, the application is closed. Other subreddits have announced that they will be private. Some of them intended to participate in the action within 48 hours, and others – until the conflict situation was resolved.