Twitter’s goal is to be the most accurate source of information in the world. This is stated in the official memo of the new general director of the social network Linda Yaccarino, writes The Wall Street Journal.

“Twitter is on a mission to become the world’s most accurate real-time information source and a global town square for communication. That’s not an empty promise. That’s OUR reality,” the CEO wrote. “We are standing on the threshold of history – and this is not an empty promise.”

She also emphasized the need for transformations in this space to move civilization forward through unfiltered information sharing and open dialogue about the things that matter most.

In addition, she said, people should truly believe in the vision of Twitter 2.0 and work hard for that belief.

“The success of Twitter 2.0 is all of our responsibility,” noted Linda Yaccarino.

We remind you that Yaccarino started work at Twitter last week, about seven months after Elon Musk completed the takeover of the company for $44 billion.

It was previously reported that Twitter is now worth only a third of the amount that billionaire Elon Musk paid for it last fall. This is evidenced by data from Fidelity. Elon Musk himself recently stated that the social network is worth less than half of what he paid for it.