The maximum character level in Diablo IV was reached in less than 3 days

As noted by PCGamesN, in Diablo IV some players managed to reach the maximum, 100-th level of the character – less than 3 days after the game appears in “early access” (which is provided to users who purchased the Digital Deluxe or Ultimate version of the game).

Twitch streamer Rob2628 was the first to get to the “hundred” – he played as a Barbarian, and mostly in groups with other players, which greatly helps the speed of upgrade in this game, and was engaged in “farming” the Champion’s Demise dungeon. He reached level 100 54 hours after release, one or two hours ahead of the other three players in this “speedrun”.

However, these “races” were conducted in the normal game mode – in “hardcore”, where players are threatened with “eternal death”, the 100th level has not yet been conquered by anyone. The closest Twitch streamer to it now is wudijo (the one who during beta-test managed to kill Ashava solo), whose character at the time of writing the news was “only” at the 93rd level. It is interesting that he plays the Rogue, and solo.