CrossOver 23 will add DirectX 12 support to Mac games

Traditionally, computers from Apple are not very suitable for gaming, because most of them do not support macOS. But third-party developers are still working on programs that will help Mac owners play (or at least try) something interesting. One such solution is CrossOver from CodeWeavers.

So, the developer announced that DirectX 12 support, announced a year and a half ago, should appear starting with CrossOver 23. The first game with DirectX 12, which is currently being tested, was Diablo II Resurrected.

However, the developer admits that such support is not an easy task and suggests that each individual game will require additional attention:

We have initial steps in place for DirectX 12 support, and our team has confirmed that Diablo II Resurrected is already running on macOS in an early pre-alpha build of CrossOver 23, which will release later this summer. Bugs are still present, but the fact that the game works is already a big win.

Although we are very happy about this breakthrough, we understand that our journey is just beginning. As a result of our research, our team came to the conclusion that there is no single magic key that opens DirectX 12 support on macOS. To just run Diablo II Resurrected, we had to fix a lot of bugs related to MoltenVK and SPIRV-Cross. We assume that this will be the case with other games that support DirectX 12: we will have to add it separately, and each game will most likely contain many errors.

So, the first beta of CrossOver 23 can be tested as soon as this summer. Gaming fans who use this application can only hope that their favorite games will eventually receive DirectX 12 support. There is hope.