The artist created the installation by training AI on paintings from the Museum of Modern Art

More and more artists are embracing AI instead of fighting it. This is reported by Bloomberg.

One of them was the artist Refik Anadol, who created the installation by training artificial intelligence on more than 200 works from the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He presented his exhibition entitled “Unsupervised” at the beginning of the year.

“I was trying to think about, how can we create an AI that can reconstruct new realities?” Anadol said. “Artists are always constantly reinventing the imagination context. But for me, the question was, how can I extend my mind as an artist and use AI as a collaborator?”

AI tools have made it possible to create works of art with just simple prompts and instructions. This has made many artists and representatives of other creative professions fear that modern technology will replace them. However, there are those who are less critical of artificial intelligence.

“What most people don’t see is that you have knowledge, you have skills, you have experience, and you can use it in collaborating with the AI,” Eldagsen said. “It really is a co-pilot. But I’m the pilot, I’m the director, and I make the decisions. For me, AI is not something that is above me.”

Previously a scandal erupted online over a song called Heart On My Sleeve, which was created by using AI to clone voices. The song was recorded by an individual known as @ghostwriter, who claims that the AI training software was trained on the voices of the two artists. The composition was quickly removed from streaming services, and the situation itself exacerbated creative and legal issues in the music world.