NASA experts analyzed 800 UFO sightings, but could not explain only up to 5% of events

NASA experts analyzed 800 cases of UFO sightings over 27 years and found only 2 to 5% of events to be truly inexplicable. This was reported by The Register.

The group formed last year consists of 16 people, from scientists and business managers to federal employees and a former astronaut. They reported on the results of their work during the first public hearings.

David Spergel, a retired professor of astrophysics at Princeton University, said the number of high-quality observations is limited. With this in mind, he called for the collection of more comprehensive data to study and understand Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP).

“The existing data available from eyewitness reports are often muddled and cannot provide conclusive evidence that supports the UAP recognition and analysis,” he said. “Additionally, an object’s background can complicate the data further and render it unusable due to conventional objects that can mimic or overshadow the phenomena completely, such as commercial aircraft, military equipment to the weather, and ionospheric phenomenon like auroras. This lack of high-quality data makes it impossible to draw scientific conclusions on the nature of UAP.”

Freelance science journalist and group member Nadia Drake noted that NASA’s job is not to determine the nature of these events. Its purpose is to direct the space agency and provide a “road map” of how it can help the US government in studying UFOs.

It was previously reported that the Pentagon’s new agency that studies unknown aerial phenomena processed 247 fresh UFO sightings last year. The Pentagon created the All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) after a surge in public interest in unidentified atmospheric phenomena and a wave of high-profile witness reports from reliable sources, such as Navy fighter pilots.