The private astronauts of the second Axiom Space mission have returned to Earth

After setting the record for the number of people in space, part of the astronauts went to Earth. Four private astronauts from Axiom Space who spent 10 days on the ISS as part of Axiom Mission 2 (Ax-2), returned to Earth.

As a reminder, the Ax-2 mission included experienced astronaut Peggy Whitson (3 flights, 673 days in space), who is now an Axiom Space astronaut. Commercial astronaut John Shoffner, a former Nürburgring 24 Hours racer. And two Saudi astronauts are military pilot Ali AlQarni and the first Saudi female astronaut, biologist, and medic Rayyanah Barnawi.

The next commercial mission, Axiom Mission 3, is scheduled for November 2023. It includes US-Spanish astronaut (dual citizenship) Michael López-Alegría (Axiom Space), who will make his fifth space flight, as well as Italian astronaut Walter Villadei (the first flight) and a Turkish astronaut (Alper Gezeravcı). The name of the fourth crew member has not yet been announced.

Axiom Mission 4 is scheduled for 2024, and in 2025, Axiom Space plans to begin the construction of its own segment of the ISS, which will consist of several modules, including an observatory with a huge glass dome.