Ukrainian fighter aircraft from the author of the Ghost of Kyiv manga

Japanese mangaka Matsuda Djuko, author of manga about The Ghost of Kyiv continues to draw Ukrainian fighters. Just look at the beauty!

In part, these are the planes that are already in service with the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, and in part – Western fighters in Ukrainian livery. Well, we don’t mind, and we hope to see the same planes in the sky over Ukraine soon.

Matsuda Djuko continues to support Ukraine, follows the news and, judging by the publications, is preparing a new manga about the current Russian-Ukrainian war. We advise you to subscribe to mangaka’s Twitter.

We remind you that in addition to the manga about the Ghost of Kyiv there is also a scale model MiG-29 of the Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Ghost livery from the Ukrainian model company ICM Holding. In addition, the Ghost of Kyiv appeared in Microsoft Flight Simulator.