DGX GH200 and Spectrum X: NVIDIA introduced unique products with artificial intelligence

The CEO of chipmaker NVIDIA, Jensen Huang, presented new products and services related to artificial intelligence during a presentation in Taiwan. The new lineup includes a supercomputing platform, networking technologies, gaming capabilities and advertising services. This is reported by Bloomberg.

First of all, he “unwrapped” the AI supercomputer platform called DGX GH200. Its goal is to help tech companies build successors to ChatGPT, which requires a lot of computing power. So NVIDIA offers hardware for data centers and builds its own supercomputers. Early adopters of the DGX GH200 are expected to include Microsoft, Meta Platforms and Google Alphabet.

Another NVIDIA product is the Spectrum X networking system for AI acceleration. It should solve the problem of the speed with which information moves in data centers. For this, the technology that the company received in 2020, when it acquired Mellanox Technologies, will be used. The project will be tested in a data processing center in Israel, which is being built by the company.

In addition, Huang said, NVIDIA is teaming up with British titan WPP Plc to use AI to lower ad production costs. WPP will use NVIDIA’s Omniverse technology to create “virtual twins” of products that can be controlled to customize ads and reduce the need for expensive reshoots.

And finally, a service called NVIDIA ACE for Games. It will use artificial intelligence to bring background characters to life and give them more personality. The company is already testing the service and will add safeguards to ensure that character responses, which have been restricted so far, are not inappropriate or offensive.

The announcements show that NVIDIA has transformed from a maker of computer chips to a company at the center of the artificial intelligence boom.

We will remind that NVIDIA in the I quarter of the 2024 fiscal year received net income of $2.04 billion, or 82 cents per share. A year earlier, NVIDIA’s net income was lower and was estimated at $1.62 billion, or 64 cents per share. At the same time, the company’s sales for the year decreased by 13% and amounted to $8.29 billion.