Russians are recruiting soldiers in the games War Thunder and Mir Tankov (“World of tanks” in Russian)

Screenshots have appeared on the network, showing that the Russians have started recruiting military for contract service in the games War Thunder and Mir Tankov (“World of tanks” in Russian).

The screenshot from the game War Thunder shows how in the general chat one of the players announces that “The District Military Commissariat of St. Petersburg invites you to military service under a contract in the ranks of the armed forces of the Russian Federation.”

Almost the same screenshot is from the game Mir Tankov, but it is about the military commissariat of Murmansk.

As a reminder, back in April 2022 Wargaming has announced its withdrawal from the markets of Russia and Belarus. The game World of Tanks in these territories was transferred to Lesta Studio (by the way, from St. Petersburg). Wargaming itself has repeatedly emphasized that the Mir Tankov game is no longer related to the World of Tanks game.

As for Gaijin Entertainment, the authors of War Thunder, they were not going to leave Russia and have a pronounced pro-Russian position.

The Russian gaming community is considered the most toxic and aggressive in the world. Among Russian players, especially in military games, there are a lot of those who support military aggression against Ukraine, so it is not surprising that this is where the Russians try to recruit their cannon fodder.