YouTube Stories will disappear on June 26

YouTube decided to get rid of Stories – a section of temporary videos that are stored on the platform for seven days. The function will cease to be available to users on June 26.

Stories were introduced in 2017. Back then they were called Reels, and only channels with more than 10,000 subscribers could post them. Stories were supposed to become an additional source of content for users – creators, for example, could publish channel news there or show behind-the-scenes content. However, it doesn’t seem that Stories have gained much popularity – even YouTube has not been too active in popularizing this functionality.

In the absence of Stories, YouTube wants creators to post more content in the Community and Shorts sections. The first allows you to create text posts, attach images, videos, conduct polls and quizzes. Shorts is a vertical video section that YouTube has been trying to promote recently. In particular, in February the service has started sharing ad revenue with creators who publish Shorts.