Google is starting to open up access to generative AI in search

Google is starting to implement search based on artificial intelligence. This is reported by Engadget with a link to company information.

The tech giant has announced that it is making Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) and Code Tips and Add to Sheets available in the US. For this, those who want to sign up for the waiting list and wait for an email about the arrival of the queue.

As you know, Google is trying to use generative artificial intelligence to expand capabilities of your search engine. This was announced during a speech at the Google I/O conference, where the company demonstrated the future with updates to its search. The integration of generative AI in Google Search should help users to understand topics faster, discover new points of view and find information more conveniently.

As for Code Tips, the company offers large language models to provide tips for writing code faster and smarter. Code Tips allows aspiring developers to ask questions about programming languages (C, C++, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, Python, and TypeScript), tools, and algorithms.

Instead, Add to Sheets lets you paste search results directly into the Google Sheets app. If you click on the Tables icon to the left of the search result, a list of recent documents will appear. You should select the one to which you need to add the result.

It was previously reported that in an effort to increase the relevance of search advertising, Google plans to use technology of generative artificial intelligence. An upcoming update promises to expand the capabilities of the Auto-Generated Assets (ACA) feature by using generative artificial intelligence to create and adapt search ads in a more contextual way.