The updated Volkswagen Touareg crossover is presented

The updated crossover Volkswagen Touareg has just debuted – the flagship of the Volkswagen model line, on which the company is trying to show its best achievements. What was added during the update?

It seems that the most important change is the headlights of the car: from now on, the Volkswagen Touareg can have a “smart” IQ.Light HD LED matrix headlights and the total number of LEDs, in this case, exceeds 38 thousand. It seems that car companies have found a new parameter for competition…

Other changes to the Volkswagen Touareg are expected for the planned restyling: an updated front bumper, an expanded radiator grille, new options for wheel rims, and a changed rear bumper. There was also an insert on the trunk lid that conects the lights. By the way, pay attention: the headlights and taillights now have L-shaped lines, and they are connected together by illuminated strips.

Traditionally for the company, the Volkswagen Touareg R-Line variant (red car) is provided, which differs in small things in appearance: its own wheels, and pointed inserts in the front bumper. You can also note the black glossy color, but this is a feature of the Black Style package, which is available for any variant of the Volkswagen Touareg.

Technical updates are minimal and generally relate to tweaking various electronic systems or expanding their functionality. If we talk about engines, the Volkswagen Touareg crossover will continue to offer a 3-liter V6 with turbines: diesel (231 or 286 hp) and gasoline (340 hp). Two versions of PHEV hybrids are built on the basis of the latter version: the eHybrid modification has a power of 381 hp, and the “charged” version of the R eHybrid produces 462 hp.

Finally, a few words about the interior of the updated Volkswagen Touareg. The overall design has not changed, but new trim materials have been used and some features have been improved, such as voice control and navigation. The buttons received a new design, a decor with illumination, the name of the model were added, and the power of wireless charging increased.

Currently, there is no information about the start of production and sales of the updated Volkswagen Touareg model. But, probably, there will be no delays – production will start in the summer, and the first sales will take place in the fall. So we have every chance to see the updated Volkswagen Touareg in Ukraine before the end of the year.