Bing has become the most popular desktop search engine in China

As noted by Gizmochina, according to recently published by StatCounter statistics, Microsoft’s Bing search engine overtook Baidu in China to become the most popular desktop search engine in the country with a market share of 37.4% in April this year.

Baidu’s share on desktops has halved over the year: from 53.54% in April last year to 26.73% this year. As a reminder, Google is blocked in China, so its curve on the graph is located at the very bottom, next to “other”. Although Google’s share is not zero: 5% of Chinese desktop users access it via VPN.

This success of Bing can be explained by its deep integration into Microsoft products and services – Windows, Office and Xbox. In addition, the rapid growth in recent months may also be due to chatbot integration in Bing, which uses artificial intelligence.

Finally, we note that Bing has overtaken Baidu only on desktop systems — the situation is radically different on mobile devices. Baidu is still the leader there, although it also began to rapidly lose its market share – from 92.35% in April 2022 to 49.07% – in April 2023. But from February of this year, Yandex took second place, and judging by graphics, it is rapidly taking away Baidu’s audience: in February its share was only 3.63%, and two months later it reached 31.58%.