The Pope’s Exorcist movie shows the logo from the game Dragon Age: Inquisition as a symbol of the real Inquisition

In April, the movie The Pope’s Exorcist was released on the big screens, which tells the story of the main exorcist of the Vatican – Father Gabriele Amorth, and apparently inspired by the real files of his investigations.

Judging by the ratings on IMDb and Metacritic, The Pope’s Exorcist turned out to be a frankly weak film, and it was not saved even by Russell Crowe, who played the main role.

And the other day it turned out that the creators of the film, which tells about the Catholic Church, are a little out of touch with the topic: the audience noticed that as a symbol of the Spanish Inquisition it uses is… the logo from the game Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Most likely, this could have happened because the authors simply googled “inquisition symbol” and took the first best image (now, such a search in Google Images, in addition to the actual links to this story, shows mainly the logo from the game itself). Well, it’s a shame they didn’t take the Inquisition emblem from the W40K universe instead, which is also present in the search in the first places…