The explosion of the Up Aerospace rocket prevented the launch of 120 capsules with cremated human remains into space

120 capsules containing cremated human remains were found after the Up Aerospace rocket carrying the ashes for a space memorial service exploded over the New Mexico desert. This is written by Gizmodo.

Up Aerospace launched the suborbital rocket on Monday at 12:45 p.m. ET. It carried more than ten student experimental cargoes for NASA and the cremated remains of an astronaut and a chemist whose families decided to send them to a suborbital memorial service. But an anomaly a few seconds after the rocket took off led to its explosion.

The Celestis memorial service reported that the cremated ashes were found. The remains will be sent back into space after investigations and implementation of the necessary corrections.

“All 120 flight capsules are safely in the hands of launch personnel and will be returned to us awaiting our next flight,” Charles Chafer, Celestis co-founder and CEO, explained.

We remind that the Celestis Aurora Flight mission included the cremated remains of NASA astronaut Philip K. Chapman, who died in April 2021, as well as chemist Louise Ann O’Deen.