iPhone 14 assembled in Brazil is already reaching buyers

Despite the fact that the majority of iPhones are still assembled in China, Apple continues to move production to other countries. Previously, it was possible to see the iPhone 13 and iPhone SE models of Brazilian production. Now the newer iPhone 14 model has joined this list.

As reported by 9to5Mac with the link to the blog MacMagazine, the buyer of the basic version of the iPhone 14 has already received a smartphone with the mark Assembled in Brazil on the packaging. The Foxconn Brazil plant in Sao Paulo is engaged in the production of such products. Batch numbers of such specimens begin with BZ/A or BE/A.

Currently, only the “younger” versions of iPhone 14 smartphones from Brazil can be found, the iPhone 14 Pro or iPhone 14 Plus models of Brazilian manufacture have not yet been spotted.

It is interesting that this had a good effect on the local market. Brazil imposes considerable taxes on imported products, so the price tag of the iPhone 14 with 128 GB of storage could reach $1,520. Now you can find offers that are a third cheaper.

Apple also benefits from such a shift in production. In addition to political factors, additional problems for the company are still caused by COVID-19 and the measures taken by the Chinese authorities in this regard. Before the holiday season last year, the company had to warn investors and customers about the limited availability of the iPhone 14 Pro. Then the company had to triple the production of smartphones in India.

Regarding the production of the following models, the initial lines are designed for China and India, and the factory in Brazil is still more focused on the local market.