Ukrainian post-apocalyptic role-playing game Blood Sunset is out on Steam Early Access

Ukrainian game Blood Sunset, which we already mentioned in the material Made in Ukraine: Ukrainian Games 2023–2025. Patch 1.2 (+ 19 games) appeared in Steam Early Access.

Blood Sunset is a post-apocalyptic RPG with elements of survival in an open world, with low-poly graphics.

Features of the game include large islands to explore, lots of zombies, building camps, friendly and enemy camps, driving cars, hunting animals, crafting, gardening and farming, and exploring water bodies.

Blood Sunset is developed by Kostiantyn Mardiev from Lutsk. Currently, the project has quite positive reviews – 80/100, but there are still few of them. Until May 5, 2023, Blood Sunset can be purchased at a discount at 30% for only UAH 105.