A jet plane filmed from a drone: Ukrainian Nazar Doroshkevich became one of the winners of the GoPro Awards: Million Dollar Challenge

A video by Nazar Doroshkevich of the Aero L-39 Albatros jet trainer/aerobatic aircraft filmed from a drone, entered the list of the 55 best videos from more than 42 thousand works sent to participate in the contest GoPro Awards: Million Dollar Challenge.

Working on such a video requires simply fantastic coordination between the aircraft pilot and the drone operator/videographer. As you can see, the L-39 in the yellow and blue livery of the Latvian aerobatic group Baltics Bees does a zoom climb and at some point it completely loses speed, as if hanging in the air. At this time, the drone makes an impressive half-flyover of the plane. I wonder how many takes it took to get a video like that. The L-39 was piloted by Timur Fatkullin.

A total of 42,446 videos shot on GoPro HERO11 Black and Mini cameras by participants from 126 countries were submitted to the GoPro Awards: Million Dollar Challenge. 55 winners received cash prizes of $18,181.81 each, i.e. a total of $1 million. You can see a selection of the winners’ videos in 4K below.

The editorial team of Mezha congratulate Nazar Doroshkevich and Timur Fatkullin on their victory.