The beta version of the Steam client has received a major update with new features and an improved interface

Valve has released an update to the beta version of the Steam desktop client. One of among the main novelties is a completely redesigned in-game overlay. Yes, with the new toolbar you can now chat with friends, view your progress on achievements, read guides and discussions, use the browser and more.

An interesting feature of the new overlay is… A notepad where you can write notes about the current game. Notepad supports text formatting and allows you to create several notes in the game: they are stored separately for each game and are synchronized between all PCs on which the user is logged in to their account, and notes can be viewed not only in the game overlay, but also on its page in the library.

Users can pin windows in the overlay and adjust their transparency level – this feature is available for Notes, Guides, Discussions and the browser, so the player can now watch videos directly in-game.

Valve also redesigned the notification system – according to it, they have become more informative and useful, and will not bother the player with a green “updated” icon because of some trifles.

And one more update – Screenshot Manager. It’s also been completely redesigned, with a choice between large and small thumbnails, snapshots can also be sorted by date (not just by game), simultaneous management of local and network snapshots, and more.

To get access to the new features without waiting for them to appear in the stable client, you can join the Steam client beta testing.