New CATL batteries: 1.5 times better – 1.5 times more battery life for electric cars?

The CATL company talked about the development of new batteries, which should offer an exceptional indicator of energy capacity – up to 500 Wh per 1 kg of battery weight. For comparison: now a similar indicator for the average battery of a regular electric car is about 160 Wh per 1 kg of weight. And the best battery options for Tesla electric cars demonstrate an indicator at the level of 296 Wh per 1 kg of weight.

That is, the new CATL batteries will be able to offer 1.5 times more energy at the same size/weight. Or they will be able to offer the preservation of a similar capacity with a significant reduction in size and weight.

The last point is interesting not only for electric cars, but also for the theoretical possibility of building airplanes with an electric drive. At the same time, we are closely watching the next developments of the CATL company in matters of battery improvement – perhaps we are on the verge of another technological breakthrough.