Elon Musk accidentally revealed a test account on Twitter, where he pretends to be a child

Due to his eccentric behavior, critics often call Elon Musk a “man-child”, emphasizing his immature actions and behavior. Today, Musk gave critics a new topic for discussion by accidentally revealing his additional Twitter account in a screenshot. And, of course, it was found immediately.

The account appears to be used for testing purposes, and it’s unclear why, but Musk pretended to be a child, asking other users strange questions and lamenting that he was “not old enough to go to nightclubs.”

Or asking Michael Saylor, co-founder of MicroStrategy, if he likes Japanese girls.

It’s hard to say whether Musk ever expected his secret account to become public knowledge and thereby troll future whistleblowers.

But it’s more like Elon actually thinks his posts are funny, which of course gives the public a little peek into the billionaire’s mind. Well, at least Elon Musk’s public tweets aren’t that different from what he wrote on his non-public account.