Unrecord — a realistic shooter that simulates bodycam recording

For the first time, the game with the gameplay in the style of “bodycam recording” was demonstrated in October of last year — when French indie developer Alexandre Spindler showed a short teaser of the untitled game on his twitter, which he had started working on.

The video “went viral”, and the project was not abandoned: it was called Unrecord, and currently a whole indie team DRAMA is working on it. The concept has not changed in half a year: it will be a shooter with a first-person view, the camera of which imitates the behavior of a policeman’s bodycam — with wide viewing angles and “distortion” of the frame, jerky image movements, etc.

The developer describes his project as “a tactical shooter with complex dialogues, innovative mechanics, difficult moral dilemmas and a unique shooting system.”

It is difficult to say whether the new trailer really shows the actual gameplay and not just its simulation on the game engine, which should demonstrate the vision of the developers of the final product, but one thing can be said for sure: we have not yet seen such a realistic simulation of police bodycam video in games.

Unrecord already has a Steam page, but there are no release dates, even approximate, in the project yet.