The test launch of SpaceX Starship ended in failure

Unfortunately, SpaceX Starship’s orbital flight attempt ended in failure.

From the first seconds of the launch, it was clear that several of the 33 Raptor engines of the Super Heavy launch vehicle were not working. At first, it was 3 engines, then two more, and finally one more. 27 engines could not compensate for the unevenness of thrust and at an altitude of about 30 km the rocket began to spin uncontrollably.

At 4 minutes into the flight, after the Starship and Super Heavy began an uncontrolled fall, an explosion occurred that destroyed the rocket. It is not yet clear whether this was a deliberate destruction of the emergency ship or an explosion for other reasons.

SpaceX is studying the telemetry and will provide a detailed explanation later.

A video of the test launch is below. The start took place at the mark of 45:04.