The Samsung Galaxy Ring can surpass the company’s existing wearable gadgets in the accuracy of health tracking

“Smart” watches and bracelets, among other things, also monitor heart rate, and some even have an ECG function. In different manufacturers, similar functions may work differently and have certain inaccuracies. But over time, of course, everything improves, and manufacturers test new formats.

According to SamMobile, Samsung is working on a “smart” ring that should also monitor the wearer’s vital signs. It may get the name Galaxy Ring and complement the line of existing wearable devices. What exactly such a Ring looks like is still unknown.

But this is a good gadget for those users who do not want to give up classic watches in favor of “smart” (or fitness bracelets), but still prefer to monitor their mobility, heart rate, sleep, etc.

At the same time, it is reported that the accuracy of work in the Galaxy Ring can surpass the Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Fit. This effect was achieved due to the large number of sensors that cover the entire inner surface of the gadget. Also, due to the lack of a display, the ring can work longer on a single battery charge.

Samsung has already filed for the Galaxy Ring trademark with KIPRIS (Korea Intellectual Property Information Search), which may indicate further release intentions. But there are no exact plans yet because the management understands that such a gadget can “capture” part of the sales of watches and bracelets.

Samsung will not be the first with such a gadget, but it can still become a leader among large manufacturers. Of course, if others do not have time to overtake the Korean company (rumors of a similar ring from Apple also appeared on the Internet).