From now on, MediaTek is also in the automotive industry. The company announced the Dimensity Auto platform

In recent years, the line between IT companies and the automotive world has become increasingly blurred, because electric cars have, in fact, turned into gadgets on wheels. Software is becoming increasingly important to the functioning of cars and directly affects the user experience. So it’s no surprise that more technology companies are integrating into the auto industry. Apple and Google offer software solutions in the form of CarPlay, Android Auto and Android Automotive OS, Nvidia and Qualcomm supply chipsets for automakers, and MediaTek should soon join them.

Dimensity Auto is an automotive platform from MediaTek designed for smart, always-connected vehicles. It contains several main components. Dimensity Auto Cockpit is responsible for the car’s information and multimedia system. High-performance processors are used for the operation of the component. The SoC is built using a 3 nm process, promising high power and energy efficiency. Support for displays with a frequency of up to 120 Hz and a resolution of up to 8K is claimed, as well as several cameras.

Dimensity Auto Connect, in turn, is responsible for various connections. There is support for 5G NTN and 5G RedCap technologies. Wi-Fi 7, Bluetooth, GNSS modules are available. All this to ensure fast and stable access to the Internet and to determine the exact location while driving.

Dimensity Auto Drive is a component that should become the basis for autonomous driving. It uses a MediaTek APU and provides advanced driver assistance systems. Finally, the Dimensity Auto Components initiative will provide the automotive market with chipsets and standalone components for new generations of vehicles.

So far, there is no information about which brands of cars are going to use solutions from MediaTek. However, additional competition on the market should have a positive effect on the auto industry.