Silica – a hybrid RTS and shooter in a sci-fi setting from Bohemia Interactive

Czech developer/publisher Bohemia Interactive (Operation Flashpoint, ARMA, DayZ), presented Silica – an interesting hybrid of a shooter and real-time strategy.

The development of Silica under the patronage of the Bohemia Incubator initiative is carried out by one person – Martin Dram Melicharek, known as the author of the Mars conquest simulator Take On Mars. He had the idea of a hybrid of RTS and FPS back in 2008.

The events of the game take place in the future on another planet, where earthlings seek a precious mineral, and alien monsters interfere with them.

In Silica, you are free to choose which of the modes is more comfortable for you to play. Whether it’s a commander mode with a camera from above, building a base, creating units, etc., or a shooter mode where you can shoot enemies, control vehicles and more.

The developer says you can play in any mode, throwing other tasks at the AI, or join other players in a 12-player RTS or 32-player FPS online competition.

There are 5 infantry classes and 11 types of vehicles available to earthlings. For aliens – 8 different units.

Silica already has a Steam page so the game can be added to your Favorites. Keep in mind, the game is in Early Access, which according to the author will last for about a year. We have to remind you that Take On Mars, which had a lot of potential, was in Early Access for more than 4 years, and was abandoned by the developer after the release.