Not Twitter, but Titter: Elon Musk changed the name of the company’s office building in San Francisco

It seems that Elon Musk is finding it increasingly difficult to get attention on Twitter, so he is resorting to the most absurd measures. Last week, residents of San Francisco noticed that someone had taped the letter “w” on Twitter’s headquarters building, thus changing the company’s name to Titter.

Now Musk himself has confirmed the change and said that the company has painted over one letter.

“Our landlord at SF HQ says we’re legally required to keep sign as Twitter and cannot remove ‘w’, so we painted it background colour. Problem solved!” Musk wrote.

It’s not yet known if this name change will affect Twitter’s website and apps on Android and iOS, but it’s possible that we’ll see more than one such change on Musk’s social network.

Last week, the Twitter website changed its logo from the standard blue bird to the logo of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, the value of which immediately jumped by 25%. So this is not the first time that Musk has played with changing the Twitter brand. However, it is difficult to say whether this will help the social network, given all the controversial steps of its owner. One of the last, is the lifting of restrictions on Chinese and Russian propaganda media, which can now reach a larger audience.

In addition, Musk refused to delete a post in which a Russian idiot calls for the genocide of Ukrainians. According to Musk, “all news is to some degree propaganda” and therefore “let people decide for themselves”, so it can be concluded that Twitter will no longer fight misinformation and hate speech. It remains only to wait until competing services (the last of them is Substack Notes), will attract the audience, and Twitter will not be able to earn enough even to support the servers. However, it seems that Musk is completely satisfied with this.