Google Play will require all Android apps to allow users to delete data

In an effort to improve data security in the Play Store, Google has announced that all Android apps must allow users to delete their account data.

The Data Safety section of the Play Store now allows developers to notify users that they can “request all the data deleted.” In the future, all apps that allow users to create accounts within the app must also allow users to delete them.

This deletion option should be easily accessible both in the application itself and outside it, in particular on the website of the service. This will allow users to request the removal of their account and data without having to reinstall the uninstalled app.

Google notes that Play developers will be required to delete a user’s data associated with their account, and temporarily disabling or deactivating an account will not be considered a deletion. If there is a legitimate reason to retain certain data, such as security, fraud prevention, or regulatory compliance, developers must clearly inform users of their information retention practices, for example in their privacy policies.

This policy requirement will affect all apps worldwide, and Google is gradually rolling it out for developers. In the first phase, they will have to provide answers to data deletion questions in their app’s Data Safety form by December 7, and the changes will go live in Google Play early next year. However, developers can apply for a postponement of the new rules via Play Console until May 31, 2024.