Bitcoin cryptocurrency whitepaper, written by Satoshi Nakamoto, found in the macOS operating system

Bitcoin cryptocurrency whitepaper (non-promotional marketing text detailing the product) written by Satoshi Nakamoto can be found on any Mac running macOS Catalina or later, but no one knows why it’s there, reports AppleInsider. Although macOS has many hidden files that are not intended for the average user, a whitepaper can be found with a simple Terminal command or Finder navigator.

Andy Baio, a well-known blogger in the tech community, shared this surprising discovery at on his blog Waxy. By entering a command in Terminal on any Mac computer running macOS Catalina or later, you can open the Bitcoin document in preview mode:

open /System/Library/Image\ Capture/Devices/

Alternatively, the user can switch to Macintosh HD -> System -> Library -> Image Capture -> Devices, then right-click on the file and select Show Package Contents, then open the Contents folder -> Resources and in it you can find the simpledoc.pdf file.

Baio reports that the file is used as a sample document for a device called Virtual Scanner II, which is hidden by default or not installed for some users.

This discovery is not entirely new, as Apple’s community post from 2021 also asked the same thing, and the Virtual Scanner II application revealed an unusual photo taken by American photographer Thomas Hawk. However, the Bitcoin cryptocurrency was not paid attention to in the whitepaper.

Despite these revelations, the purpose of the Virtual Scanner II app and why it contains the Bitcoin document remains a mystery, and no one at Apple has yet attempted to explain it.